"Getting Started" A How To Write Your Life Story 6 Week Challenge - Early Bird Special

"Getting Started" A How To Write Your Life Story 6 Week Challenge - Early Bird Special

Good on you for wanting to Write Your Life Story!

We are sorry if this disappoints any aspiring writers still hoping to register but this 6 Week Writing Challenge is now FULL.

We did not expect this response and can only take so many people at a time. 

Please message us if you would like to be put on the Waiting List for the next one in the new year.

In the meantime a subscription to a Year of Hot Tips, Advice and Writing Challenges will be available later this week, starting on Christmas Day. Look out for that!

Happy Writing!

This program, starting on the 4th January 2016, offers 6 weeks of emailed newsletters to encourage, inspire and motivate you to begin to Write Your Life Story.

Everyone reading this would like to write their story, but many of us don't know where to begin, or run out of puff quickly.

After 20 years training and encouraging people to write their life stories, Gregory Bourne, the author of the program, will bring his experience and advice to you in 6 weekly parts, at the Early Bird price of $US35 (reduced from $US47).

"I have found the secret to successfully writing your memoirs is constant and ongoing advice and encouragement," says Greg. "Once you start off in the pattern set up in this six weeks you will be set to continue writing with confidence and direction."

Every week for 6 weeks you will be emailed a range of advice, inspiration and writing challenges that set you up to begin writing your life story in earnest. 

The 6 Week Challenge will include:

* Practical Hints and Advice on how, when, where and what to write;

* How to divide your life story into manageable segments;

* Short answer questions and writing challenges to stimulate your writing;

* Memory Triggers to help you bring details into your writing and defeat writer's block;

* Due dates and challenges so you begin to write quickly and to increase the speed of your writing. 

"It is important to never make writing a negative experience, so this 6 weeks of material is designed to gently inspire you to get into the habit of writing," says Greg.

"Rather than merely giving you a book on the subject this is a regular feeding of ideas and challenges, so the act of writing is encouraged and spread out over time so it becomes habitual."

"By taking on this 6 week challenge, with a real starting date, you are committing yourself to taking on the writing of your life story and turning a wish into reality. It is time to do this and this will make you start."

All your writing will be private and you will not be required to publicly reveal what you have written to others taking up the challenge.

Enrolling in this challenge does not include editing or reviewing of your writing.

"The whole Write Your Life Story project is an earnest attempt to help people write the stories from their lives. It is important. Your family and friends will benefit from your insights and your completed Life Story will be a family heirloom passed down through generations."

Make 2016 the year you begin to write your life story!

"Getting Started" 6 Week Challenge standard pricing is $US47.

Early Bird Special Price (Until the 20th December): $Australian48, which is approximately $US35, 2472 Indian Rupee, 31 British Pounds, 35 Euros.

Happy Writing!


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